Building with Composites

In the past, architects and designers have been limited to a small selection of materials for their designs – most commonly masonry, timber, steel and concrete. This has placed restriction in their efforts to turn futuristic concepts into reality.
Today, composites is revolutionising the way in which we approach design and construction by replacing traditional materials with advanced composite solutions or Fibre Reinforced Polymers.

GP Composites have developed advanced solutions to challenge the established form and shape of structures. These solutions not only include dramatic architectural features but also 3D components.

These applications are only possible using advanced composites, utilising the lightweight materials ability to be moulded into complex forms and sit geometrically.


  • Lightweight – advanced composite cladding model can typically weigh as little as 10% of its concrete equivalent
  • The ability to mould complex, fluid and creative forms and produce more efficient geometric shapes
  • The ability to integrate special surface finishes and a wide variety of unusual effects including simulating traditional materials
  • Rapid installation enabling time and cost savings on site
  • Improved thermal insulation and lack of cold bridging
  • Longevity- composite structures are highly resistant to corrosion

What are Composites?

Composite materials are formed of two or more components that act in synergy to form a material that can have significant benefits for a wide range of applications.

Designing with composite materials opens up a new range of possibilities, and optimises the performance of the structure. Due to its lightweight nature and the ability to form complex shapes, composite materials are the common material for high performance super yachts, leisure equipment including surfboards and snowboards, modern aircraft, large wind turbine blades and automobile bodies. They are also becoming prominent in the architectural world due to a greater freedom in design.

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